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  Build Community & Increase Revenue Through Travel 

Earthbound Expeditions is the Premier Travel Company for Public Radio Stations and Listeners. 
Together with our public radio partners, we’ve created one-of-a-kind educational adventures that focus on food, wine, gardening,
the environment, politics, economics, jazz, classical music, healthcare and history. From dinner with NPR senior correspondent
Sylvia Poggioli in Rome to a Market Place report from Costa Rica, let
Earthbound Expeditions assist you in building community.


Station Benefits


Raise Funds Creatively

With Earthbound Expeditions YOU decide the size of the donation which best meets your public radio station’s fundraising goals.

King FM in South Africa

King FM in South Africa


Cultivate Major Gifts

Spend valuable time with top donors and leaders in your public radio station’s community.

Based on the results from the past two drives using the trips as sweepstakes offerings has been huge, so I think you & I will be joined at the hip for a long time, I’m afraid.”
Brent Mason, Development Director
KING FM, Seattle, WA (17+ station trips) 


Community Outreach

Capital Public Radio Travel in Italy

Capital Public Radio Travel in Italy

Build loyalty and community in a fun and creative way: through audio postcards to help public radio listeners feel connected to the world. 

“We are so delighted that our (public radio) travel partner, Earthbound Expeditions, donated two trips for our upcoming tour of Italy during our recent Fund Drive. It created enormous enthusiasm with our listeners AND motivated giving. What a success!”
Arla Gibson, Director of Development
Capital Public Radio, Sacramento, CA | KXJZ  (3 trips and counting!) 



Spice Up Your Public Radio Station’s Pledge Drive

All Classical FM Travel

All Classical FM Travel

All Classical FM Travels to New ZealandElevate excitement and increase donations during your next fund drive by offering complimentary trips to any destination in the world. 

 “I am so pleased with the outcome of this trip, Matthew. It is a tribute to you and your organization as well as my staff— all of whom are gracious hosts and marvelous companions. What a great partnership!
Thank you and I very much look forward to experiencing the magic first hand in the fall!”
— Jack Allen, All Classical Public Media
Portland, Oregon | KQAC  (15 + trips)  



Risk and Worry-Free for Your Public Radio Station

KPLU in Africa

KPLU in Africa

There are no financial obligations and no extra work for your staff. Earthbound Expeditions handles all the travel arrangements and answers all the guests’ questions. 

“I think the trip was amazing. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had.  It offered so much: culture, history, politics, beautiful scenery and wild animals.”
— Joey Cohn, KPLU Music Director, Seattle, WA 




Shared Values – A Dedication to Lifelong Learning

Earthbound staff are dedicated to lifelong learning and actively support public radio. This translates into a richer travel experience for all. “Earthbounders” experience much more than the average “tourist” by visiting and supporting overseas community projects while gaining special insider access to museums, gardens, musicians and arts organizations.

Giving back

Giving back!

Listeners and guests who share in the station’s values connect to the world (and each other) in a more meaningful way. Plus, participants travel carbon neutral through Earthbound Expedition’s partnership with the CarbonFund.

“Our trip was so wonderful. Thank you for all of the extraordinary things you did to treat us so well. I do believe that the trip far exceeded most people’s expectations, including my own.”
— Ginger Alden, Director of Major and Planned Gifts
Wisconsin Public Radio  | WPR


Optimize Your Public Radio Station’s Social Media Presence

KDFC in Prague with Earthbound

KDFC in Prague

Generate excitement and connect your listeners to the world on Facebook and other social media sites through audio postcards, blogs and by posting daily photos (on your sites and Earthbound Expedition’s too!). 

“There is no other experience to equal an Earthbound Expeditions journey. We were treated to the best seats at concerts, some arranged just for us in unique locations. The hotels were wonderful, the restaurants were real “finds” and the local guides knew their cities intimately.
Can’t wait for my next adventure with Earthbound.”
— Hoyt Smith, Host Classical 102.1 KDFC
San Francisco, CA


Educate, Reward and Inspire Public Radio Staff

All Classical's Robert McBride

All Classical’s Robert McBride

Sending program staff to destinations that gave birth to the topics covered by your public radio station is a motivating benefit. Plus, they’ll travel as our guest – free of charge. 

“These trips are the very best perk ever to come my way in three decades working in radio. They make me a wiser and happier person and a better announcer, too. What’s not to like?”
— Robert McBride, All Classical FM 89.9 | KQAC
Portland, OR (15 + trips)  



Hand-Crafted Travel Itineraries

Public Radio Travel

Public Radio Travel

Your public radio station chooses the destination, departure date and theme: classical or jazz, food, wine, art, gardening. Earthbound Expeditions creates a truly custom adventure that offers educational insider experiences for your special guests. 

“I’ve hosted fourteen journeys for KING-FM and it is not the slightest
exaggeration say that this was by far the best of them!”
— Brad Eaton, King FM 98.1, Seattle, Washington
Host of 8 Winter Waltz Journeys   



Guaranteed Private Departures

Larry Meiller and Matthew Brumley

Larry Meiller, WPR & Matthew Brumley

Earthbound Expeditions features private, guaranteed departures with donations made back to the station. 

“I had an absolutely fabulous time in England! Thanks for putting on such a professional trip.  You were unflappable and came up with great surprises at exactly the right times.”
— Larry Meiller, Wisconsin Public Radio
Garden Talk with Larry Meiller  




Strategic Community Collaboration

Travel with Public Radio

Travel with Public Radio

Travel with Public Radio

Earthbound Expeditions can assist you in teaming up with local organizations such as a symphony, art museum, opera or theater company to increase community synergy and maximize your public radio station’s audience reach.

 “The trip has left a permanent smile on my face. Just this morning I met with my neighbors who were along on the trip. They are singing the same tune. I can’t be critical of any aspect of my experience with Earthbound.”
Mary Evjen, All Classical FM 89.9, Portland, OR





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