Giving Back

 It’s a win-win for all! 

At Earthbound Expeditions we believe that travel is more than a race to check off sites and monuments. And when done right, travel is perhaps the very best way to learn about different cultures and people. Travel is often a life-changing expereince and when you join Earthbound Expeditions you can be confident that you are supporting local businesses, workers, schools and at times entire villages. To accomplish this, on journeys to needy destinations, Earthbounders are offered the opportunity to visit schools, neighborhood projects or co-op centers where they can visit with local children and adults and donate and deliver much needed school supplies, uniforms or other necessities. There is no better way to “rub elbows with the locals” while contributing in a meaningful way to a community you’re visiting. 


“Reduce what you can, offset what you can’t.”


 Every year Earthbound Expeditions  purchases carbon credits (i.e. planting trees and investing in renewable energy) to help offset the carbon emissions created when we all travel . Learn more